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Stronger Family than Ever !

The old adage "A hungry stomach has no ears" warns us that due to hunger, an individual may not pay attention to others in society. Children specially, may fail to listen to their parents when they do not eat. This implies that lack of food can bring frustrations, confuse families,  put education in jeopardy and lead to broken bonds.  At Bonding with Children Foundation, The challenge of feeding the world is getting more and more crucial. Most of developed countries have kept their promises. they have brought their agricultural production and the growing of their population into better balance. Conversely, developing countries are struggling to keep it up. Agriculture in those countries faces many problems due to rudimentary equipment, lack of fertilizers, pesticides, water, training, financial supports and much more. 

We provide not only food for families in need but also fight hunger through agricultural projects. We target poor families by training them on income generating activities such as gardening and animal raising.  

   Our  foundation goes out in remote areas in Africa to meet poor farmers and  bring them support and joy. We are committed to farmers and  provide them with adequate technique of farming and modern materials.   

   Our initiatives need your support. Please join us by donating farm equipment such as tractors, materials for irrigation, grain storage and more to support our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of farmers .

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