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Stronger Family than Ever !

 Does the proverb: ‘There is no place like home’ means the same in refugee families? Refugees traveled miles to find new home; and when they do, they start  a new life. Some start new family, bear and raise children in their new home. Still, they struggle to wipe out their memories from their original home in their new home. Our organization stands with refugees’ families and is ready to also travel miles to reach out to them. We support them to break up with their past and focus on their daily life activities for better integration. In the process, we provide them with transportation when needed for appointments. Bonding with Children  is committed to helping refugees by advocating for public assistance like: food stamps, Medicare or Medicaid including cash assistance. Through volunteers, we also direct them to the right government agencies and services and help them register for ESL classes. Asylum, permanent residence and citizenship applicants find help in our organization with completing forms with correct information as well as documents that are required. We find interpreters and translators for refugees who have difficulties with the host country’s language.

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