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Stronger Family than Ever !

Bonding with Children strongly believes that family health should be on the top list of priorities in every corner of the globe. Healthier family, happier family! We work closely with local health professionals to ensure families are provided with health resources and proper medical care. Most children express their happiness when they feel good. Every parent loves to see smile on the face of their children, so does our organization. 

On one hand, we combat sicknesses and diseases through prevention. Thus, we sensitize populations on various health threats that are common in every place we land. In West Africa, we recommend families to sleep under treated mosquito nets and to clean up their surrounding environment to avoid malaria. Children are more vulnerable to diseases; that is why we encourage parents to follow immunizations for their children. However, prevention is the first step. 

On the other hand, our next goal is to distribute medical supplies and equipment to local health centers through medical doctors. We envision facilitating medical transfer wherever there is no specialist for a specific disease. We are currently working hard to leaves communities in remote places with water purification and first aid kits and mosquito nets.  Some communities would depend on Bonding with Children for wheelchairs. We promote HIV test especially for pregnant women.

Moreover, the organization will cooperate with local governments and partner with other organizations to conduct medical training to make a real difference in people’s life. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are only few doctors and beds available for a huge number of people in some poor regions. Some of our goals will be to place clinics and hospitals in those areas.

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